by Hugh Weir

Launched at Bunratty Castle in Co. Clare, this is one of many books on this Royal Irish family, most members of whom descend from 10/11th century High King Brian Boru. Now in its fourth edition, this popular record by Hugh Weir, himself a descendent of the King (his wife Grania is the daughter of the late 16th Baron Inchiquin, The O’Brien, Chieftain of the Clan, of Dromoland Castle) contains much basic information to encourage readers to undertake further research. There are interesting illustrations and maps to enhance the contents. Similar to other clan histories in the series, the cover is of the Clare colours (gold and blue), once used by the monarch and depicts an illustration of the Royal O’Brien arms.






ISBN 978 0946538 40 9

88 pages

size 215mm x 145mm




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