MURROUGH THE BURNER- Murchadh na dTóiteán


One of the most controversial Irishmen ever, Murrough O’Brien, 6th Baron and 1st Earl of Inchiquin, descended from High King Brian Boru, lived in turbulent times. In 1543 his forebear, also Murrough and last King of Thomond, had surrendered his crown to England’s King Henry VIII. Created 1st Earl of Thomond in 1654, the second Murrough successively served both the Crown and the Commonwealth; was military Governor of French Catalonia;  commanded French forces aiding the Portuguese and was captured by Algerians, he was also notorious for his sacking of Cashel in 1647.


Author Ivar O’Brien gives a most interesting account of a fascinating life.


“(This book) gives a lively summary of Murrogh’s career”,

Liam de Paor , North Munster Antiquarian Journal.



ISBN 978 0946538 06 5

66 pages

size 245mm x 190mm 



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